Friday, 19 October 2012


From Black pool I headed up th A6/A7  and on through Scotland.

This is the view from the road bridge.
From the border I headed for and then over the Forth road bridge , which must not be mistaken for the Forth bridge, which is the oldest one that takes the trains over the Firth of Forth, I stayed at my Brothers house for two nights and saw the rest of the family for lunch/dinner and drinks, which was very nice, the fact that it then rained heavily for the next 24 hours made me glad of the time out the saddle, Ha! but it was dry when I set off through Glasgow and over Dumfries and Galloway to Gretna where I joined the crappy M6/M5/M4 drag south again all the way to the Bath exit where I guided the Chopper home to my beloved Queen. The bike did not miss a beat all the way up and back even in the heaviest of rain.

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