Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I'm traveling around GB on my Chopper this week, the weather has been kind to me and I have been over the Brecon Beacons, where there were lots of other Bikies doing thier thing, around Wales coastline, stayed in Aberystyth, it has a strange one way system that caught me out, I stayed in the Aberystyth Park Hotel who wanted me to pay £ stay there, it was dark by now, so I tried my arm at getting the price down and ended up paying £50. instead, thank you ladies on reception. I was given a room at the front which overlooked my bike in the car park, there is a police station across the road from the hotel but that means nothing, I was not carrying a chain. But I did have a good steak meal and a couple of pints, then chatted to the bar staff for a while to get some local knowledge, the hotel had been really busy the week before due to a bastard killing a local girl, had been all over the news, very sad story. The times I woke in the night were to see a car doing donuts around the roundabout, yes the one in front of the cop shop, and later on by the rain that was coming down so hard that it missed the gutters and hit the ground just in front of my bloody bike!! then  up to Blackpool where I was looked after by friendly Bikers B&B The LaRue in Springfield road. Went up the A6-A7 across the border into Scotland and on to Cupar near Fife to stay with my Brother and Sister n law,meet the kids and wow! is it ever raining here flooding roads the lot!
I have taken a few photos on the way and will let you see them when I get back, I will let you know the routes I took so you can try them out for yourselves if you live in GB of course!
I will be starting to go back down south tomorrow so I will be trying to find some more interesting roads and people.

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