Friday, 19 October 2012

DR BOB ROAD TRIP,BLACKPOOL is a fun place to be.

Ah! the Blackpool tower.

They have spent millions modernising the sea front.
I went all the way along the seafront then turned back onto the old road to find a B&B so I stopped at Kickstart Motorcycles on the Talbot Road Leyton and asked for Biker friendly, Mary I`m sure her name was said Sure Thing I`ll just phone Steve from the La Rue who came in his car and showed me the way, His place is a hundred or so feet from the Promenade as well, very handy, Fish n Chips and a few pints in the Duke of York and I was OK! On leaving Blackpool the next day, it was windy and trying to rain, so on to the M55/M6 North but the wind was making it hell on earth and I was doing my best to hang on to the handlebars, next junction was A6 which runs north, this was much more like it, it was raining now but it was much better than the crappy motorway and the road goes through the towns and villages, now this road has a few surprises on it like very long straight sections that go for miles, but be aware there are parts of the tarmac that have degraded but I was going fast enough to skim over the top of them. This move from the motorway to the A roads was a very good the countryside was visible, you could stop for a smoke or fill up with fuel any time and some of the sights in the towns were well worth it.A great road for riding and joins up with the A7 and goes North East across the countryside towards Edinburgh.

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