Friday, 19 October 2012


A good day for a ride in Wales.

All the signs in Welsh then English.

Very nice.
When I left Aberystwyth it was a beautiful day for a ride, and the roads are really twisting turning up and down my favourite! On to Machylleth to Dolgelleau and these pictures are of the Bala Lakes great roads for a bike, but they were doing major roadworks on two sections of this route which was very slow at these areas but also had a layer of mud on the road surface, if I had taken the first turning to Bala it would have missed the mud but also the Petrol station so Ach well, a bit of mud did not hurt, as I was taking these photos the log truck I`d overtaken a few miles back went past and so I had to overtake it again which on these roads is a bit of a laugh, as there are very few straights,then the A5 do we go left or right left goes west and right goes north, this is where it got a bit strange did I go through Mold looks like  I took a wrong turn and ended up nearly going in to Chester so I thought  shit! and decided to head M53/M6 M55 wham! straight to Blackpool.

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