Friday, 19 October 2012


When I left Bath and headed to Wales I took the Old Bridge.

The seafront had no safe Bike parking so I picked this.
Just to show the landscape

Just corners everywhere.

They train to survive out here.
All I have wanted to do for a while is go for a ride around, so clockwise was the choice. I started by heading onto the M4 and going over the old bridge across the Severn as I would head into Wales, now I was not really thinking of a (route) no map riding is my game, just glad to be on the road, so off onto the M48 and over the Brecon Beacons, when the road started to go up the Harley just lapped it up all the way, there were many other motorcycles on these roads and I was not alone due to it being Sunday, when I saw them all parked up having a brew I just waved to them and carried on enjoying the ride, stopping for a minute in a little place called Llanspyddid on the A40, when the smokes came out my pocket a cloud went over and it pissed on me Ha! now I knew the A470 lead up to the A40 so just went with it until the signs for Fishguard were in view so I turned right onto the A487 and headed into Aberystwyth, the roads were fantastic and just what the doctor ordered, it was nearly getting dark down on the seafront, so back up the road there was the bright lights of the Aberystwyth Park Lodge Hotel, gave me a discount when I said that the room was a wee bit pricey for me,(always barter) great food few beers, nice warm room/ on suite of course. Half past four the rain woke me up Jings! it was pissing down, poor wee bike out on the rain. There are no pictures of the first part of my journey, this was my party.

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