Monday, 29 October 2012

STOURHEAD VISIT at the weekend

This is all manmade

Red Acer

Lots of Fun Guys

The people give it a bit of scale

Not a redhead but a redwood?

View from one of the many grotos

A very beautiful part of England

Saturday, 27 October 2012

I went to Delft in Holland.

I went to Holland and all I brought back was one rotten Tshirt.

Had a bit of a surprise when I went for a wee.

Delftware toilets! how fancy is that!

A Comedy moment.

The house of Vermeer.

Friday, 19 October 2012


When I left Bath and headed to Wales I took the Old Bridge.

The seafront had no safe Bike parking so I picked this.
Just to show the landscape

Just corners everywhere.

They train to survive out here.
All I have wanted to do for a while is go for a ride around, so clockwise was the choice. I started by heading onto the M4 and going over the old bridge across the Severn as I would head into Wales, now I was not really thinking of a (route) no map riding is my game, just glad to be on the road, so off onto the M48 and over the Brecon Beacons, when the road started to go up the Harley just lapped it up all the way, there were many other motorcycles on these roads and I was not alone due to it being Sunday, when I saw them all parked up having a brew I just waved to them and carried on enjoying the ride, stopping for a minute in a little place called Llanspyddid on the A40, when the smokes came out my pocket a cloud went over and it pissed on me Ha! now I knew the A470 lead up to the A40 so just went with it until the signs for Fishguard were in view so I turned right onto the A487 and headed into Aberystwyth, the roads were fantastic and just what the doctor ordered, it was nearly getting dark down on the seafront, so back up the road there was the bright lights of the Aberystwyth Park Lodge Hotel, gave me a discount when I said that the room was a wee bit pricey for me,(always barter) great food few beers, nice warm room/ on suite of course. Half past four the rain woke me up Jings! it was pissing down, poor wee bike out on the rain. There are no pictures of the first part of my journey, this was my party.


A good day for a ride in Wales.

All the signs in Welsh then English.

Very nice.
When I left Aberystwyth it was a beautiful day for a ride, and the roads are really twisting turning up and down my favourite! On to Machylleth to Dolgelleau and these pictures are of the Bala Lakes great roads for a bike, but they were doing major roadworks on two sections of this route which was very slow at these areas but also had a layer of mud on the road surface, if I had taken the first turning to Bala it would have missed the mud but also the Petrol station so Ach well, a bit of mud did not hurt, as I was taking these photos the log truck I`d overtaken a few miles back went past and so I had to overtake it again which on these roads is a bit of a laugh, as there are very few straights,then the A5 do we go left or right left goes west and right goes north, this is where it got a bit strange did I go through Mold looks like  I took a wrong turn and ended up nearly going in to Chester so I thought  shit! and decided to head M53/M6 M55 wham! straight to Blackpool.

DR BOB ROAD TRIP,BLACKPOOL is a fun place to be.

Ah! the Blackpool tower.

They have spent millions modernising the sea front.
I went all the way along the seafront then turned back onto the old road to find a B&B so I stopped at Kickstart Motorcycles on the Talbot Road Leyton and asked for Biker friendly, Mary I`m sure her name was said Sure Thing I`ll just phone Steve from the La Rue who came in his car and showed me the way, His place is a hundred or so feet from the Promenade as well, very handy, Fish n Chips and a few pints in the Duke of York and I was OK! On leaving Blackpool the next day, it was windy and trying to rain, so on to the M55/M6 North but the wind was making it hell on earth and I was doing my best to hang on to the handlebars, next junction was A6 which runs north, this was much more like it, it was raining now but it was much better than the crappy motorway and the road goes through the towns and villages, now this road has a few surprises on it like very long straight sections that go for miles, but be aware there are parts of the tarmac that have degraded but I was going fast enough to skim over the top of them. This move from the motorway to the A roads was a very good the countryside was visible, you could stop for a smoke or fill up with fuel any time and some of the sights in the towns were well worth it.A great road for riding and joins up with the A7 and goes North East across the countryside towards Edinburgh.


From Black pool I headed up th A6/A7  and on through Scotland.

This is the view from the road bridge.
From the border I headed for and then over the Forth road bridge , which must not be mistaken for the Forth bridge, which is the oldest one that takes the trains over the Firth of Forth, I stayed at my Brothers house for two nights and saw the rest of the family for lunch/dinner and drinks, which was very nice, the fact that it then rained heavily for the next 24 hours made me glad of the time out the saddle, Ha! but it was dry when I set off through Glasgow and over Dumfries and Galloway to Gretna where I joined the crappy M6/M5/M4 drag south again all the way to the Bath exit where I guided the Chopper home to my beloved Queen. The bike did not miss a beat all the way up and back even in the heaviest of rain.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I'm traveling around GB on my Chopper this week, the weather has been kind to me and I have been over the Brecon Beacons, where there were lots of other Bikies doing thier thing, around Wales coastline, stayed in Aberystyth, it has a strange one way system that caught me out, I stayed in the Aberystyth Park Hotel who wanted me to pay £ stay there, it was dark by now, so I tried my arm at getting the price down and ended up paying £50. instead, thank you ladies on reception. I was given a room at the front which overlooked my bike in the car park, there is a police station across the road from the hotel but that means nothing, I was not carrying a chain. But I did have a good steak meal and a couple of pints, then chatted to the bar staff for a while to get some local knowledge, the hotel had been really busy the week before due to a bastard killing a local girl, had been all over the news, very sad story. The times I woke in the night were to see a car doing donuts around the roundabout, yes the one in front of the cop shop, and later on by the rain that was coming down so hard that it missed the gutters and hit the ground just in front of my bloody bike!! then  up to Blackpool where I was looked after by friendly Bikers B&B The LaRue in Springfield road. Went up the A6-A7 across the border into Scotland and on to Cupar near Fife to stay with my Brother and Sister n law,meet the kids and wow! is it ever raining here flooding roads the lot!
I have taken a few photos on the way and will let you see them when I get back, I will let you know the routes I took so you can try them out for yourselves if you live in GB of course!
I will be starting to go back down south tomorrow so I will be trying to find some more interesting roads and people.